Welcome to CHESHIRE CCAT, the Chemical Shift Repository for computed NMR scaling factors, with Coupling Constants Added Too.

The mission of this web site is to facilitate the use of chemical shift and coupling constant calculations in organic chemistry research, with a particular focus on empirical scaling techniques. To this end, we endeavor herein to:

The information and resources contained in this web site can be accessed via the left navigation menus. We hope that you will find this information useful in your own research. If you do, we ask only that you please cite our research papersTan12a,Rab99a,Rab09a,Rab11a in any resulting publication.

We would also like to direct your attention to the excellent work of Smith and Goodman (University of Cambridge) and their statistical techniques for identifying diastereomers by comparison of experimental and computed chemical shifts.Goo10a These analyses (termed CP3 and DP4) are easily utilized via Java applets which they have made available on their web site. We have found them to be both highly effective and fully compatible with the scaled computed chemical shifts described herein.

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Note: This web site is not affiliated with the Cheshire software program or its developers. The Cheshire software program utilizes experiment chemical shifts as constraints for determining protein structure, and therefore is fundamentally distinct from the information and techniques contained herein. Nonetheless, we encourage interested parties to read more about this approach for pinning down structures of proteins.